• Jonathan

Critical Thinking: The Essential Guide

Sorry for the hiatus, but I’ve been working on a little project I can now divulge.

Critical Thinking: The Essential Guide, a new book I recently finished, will be published in early 2020!

The book is part of the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, the same series that published my 2014 book on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Like other Essentials titles, this new book is meant to give non-experts the grounding they need to better understand complex issues, be they technological, philosophical and political. The goal for books in this line is to give someone more than they could get through a Google search, without asking them to read a 350-page academic tome on the subject.

In the case of critical thinking, a great deal of time has been spent arguing over definitions of the term, as well as debating whether it is a skill that can be taught and assessed. This book’s contribution to those discussions are meant to break possibly unnecessary log jams preventing us from teaching (and raising) the next generation to be truly free and independent critical thinkers.

The book is in production, which means editing, cover design and business matters will play out over the course of 2019, but stay tuned for more details as well an actual launch date (and book party date) when it becomes available.