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Professor Michele Pistone, Villanova Law School

Consulting Client

"Jonathan is smart and thoughtful, brings deep knowledge and experience, and is simply a delight to work with.  We collaborated to design and create a 3-day Bootcamp to teach law professors about teaching law online.  We had 15 days to pull it all together.  Jonathan was the perfect partner; we met the deadline, the final product exceeded my expectations, and he made the entire process really enjoyable and fun.  It was so successful, that we did it again and the second time was even better!  Grab a chance to work with him."

Anne Sanderson, CEO, ThinkerAnalytix

Consulting Client

"Jonathan Haber ushered Thinker Analytix's work from the weeds of research and development to a classroom-ready, marketable product line. His combined expertise in digital learning, tech start-ups, and educational standards brought us to a point where we can reach teachers and students on a broad scale."

Michael Sweet, CEO, Nimblywise

Consulting Client

"We had the good fortune to engage Jonathan to help us with a recent project. His critical thinking education background, understanding of online learning innovation, and appreciation of the practical needs of educators made him a perfect fit to help us with our product strategy at NimblyWise. His recommendations were pragmatic and straight-forward for us to implement. The project was an absolute success."

Greg Nadeau, Manager, PCG Education

Consulting Client

"Jonathan has been a thought partner and reliable source of impeccable work."

Deborah Hirsch, Executive Director, Woodrow Wilson Graduate School


"As part of the development team for a new and innovative graduate school of education, Jonathan played an instrumental role in bringing to fruition a vision for a competency-based, individualized teacher preparation curriculum rooted in practice.  Jonathan brought expertise in assessment, entrepreneurship and online learning that helped shape the direction of the Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning."

Nicole Pinard, Vice President, Cengage Learning


"Jonathan's creativity, expertise, and highly focused work ethic would be an asset to any company."

Rick Mansfield, Supervisor, First Advantage


"Jonathan channeled his creativity and energy into new product ideas and strategies that integrated service offerings within First Advantage. These initiatives led to revenue growth throughout the organization. It would be a pleasure to work with Jonathan again."

David Saedi, Partner, Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³)


"Jonathan's thoroughness and ability to work with industry and thought leaders on the subject of Digital Literacy was one of the keys to establishing IC³ as a successful standard. And his ability to work and partner within a development and business framework allowed us to turn this research into profitable products with global impact in record time."

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