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Degree of Freedom One Year BA

Jonathan's Degree of Freedom One Year BA was an educational experiment to see if it was possible to learn the equivalent of a liberal arts degree in just one year using only MOOCs and other forms of free learning.  The project was covered by The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Chronicle of Higher Education and other publications.


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Check the facts, understand the argument, know the truth!  Fact-checking is vital if we want to understand the world, but it is not enough.  LogicCheck applies the critical-thinkers toolkit to analyze news stories, editorials, political speeches, and advertisements, helping you determine both the facts and the reasoning behind the headines.  

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Up2Speed with Online Teaching

When COVID hit, thousands of teachers were forced to scramble to successfully teach at a distance.  Jonathan's Up2Speed with Online Teaching site provides resources for educators, including training videos and a free online course on how to use professional assessment-design principles to create effective assessments and assignments in distance learning environments.

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CASE Network

Jonathan worked with the international standards organization IMS Global and the Boston-based Professional Consulting Group (PCG Education) to create CASE Network, a free, digital repository of academic standards from all 50 states.  He also built crosswalks between state standards to support resource sharing across geographic boundaries and institutions. 

Legal Education COVID Bootcamp

After an abrupt move to online teaching in the middle of the spring term due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Michele Pistone from Villanova Law School reached out to Jonathan for his expertise in online education, assessment, and project logistics.  Together, they designed and delivered two three-day boot-camps that trained over100 law professors on how to effectively teach in online and blended environments.

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We Come in Peace

With COVID cancelling schools across the world, the Aldrin Family Foundation, working with PCG Education, decided to turn a classroom-based project on building a visitor center on the moon into a cutting-edge online learning experience students could do from home.  Jonathan applied his background in MOOC development, curriculum design, and assessment to the project, helping to design and launch an innovative, engaging product in less than two weeks.